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Our New Eco Range of Cards

We have been producing plastic cards since 1995 and have a varied product range from plastic cards to key fobs & paper & card leaflets / card carriers and business cards.

In recent years we have been delighted to introduce our eco range of plastic cards with two types of cards, both of which are available with a range of extras, such bar codes, QR codes, sequential numbering, signature panels & personalisation and finally our most recent addition, our completely recyclable completely plastic free Board cards.


Degradable Plastic Cards


Recyclable Plastic Cards


100% Plastic Free Board Cards

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Degradable Teslin Cards & Key Fobs

Are designed to degrade when you want it to, the material breaks down to environmentally acceptable components such as carbon dioxide and water when placed in an oxygen-free, microbe-rich environment.

Recyclable and Degradable PVC Cards & Key Fobs

This is a material that will degrade when placed in landfill or organic compost, this is also fully recyclable via PVC recycling facilities.

Plastic Free Board Cards

These are plastic free and completely recyclable and FSC certified, these cards are ideal for single use items such as gift cards or event passes, these are available with a limited range of extras such as bar codes, QR codes, sequential numbering, & personalisation, (RFID contactless, encoded magnetic strips are not available on this material) as these are board cards, the extra cost for adding a signature panel is not required as you can write directly on to the surface.

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